Christmas Organizing

Preparation, Shopping, Travel, Guests, Parties, Decor and JOY!

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Early Holiday Planning

Although it is only July, planning for the holidays can be made less stressful if you start early.  Watch as Brenda shares some ideas which can make the process that much easier and keep you from over spending too.

Organize Your Holiday Frenzy

Brenda uses colorful holiday characters to illustrate some holiday organizing principles.   

Manage Stress During the Busy Holidays

Planning can help reduce stress, both mental and physical.  Part of planning is to prepare ahead of time with tools that will support for your mind and body to relax as well as prompts, like calendar reminders, to create time for you to de-stress.   

Preparing for Holiday Shopping

Simple ideas to help with preparation prior to holiday shopping as well as tips for more convenience and effectiveness when shopping.   

Holiday Shopping Prep

Brenda explains how to be more efficient during the holidays with your gifts, money and time.  And a reminder, too, to be safety conscious online and when you're out buying gifts.  

Organizing Holiday Traditions

Organizing preparation, helpers and storage of the holiday meal.   

Holiday Entertaining – Less is More

Here are some ways to welcome your guests, have some plan in place for eating and a fun way to provide a nice gift to take away from the party.  

Organize your Charitable Giving


Three steps to help you and your family be organized about supporting charitable organizations.  

Holiday Décor Storage

Three components to successfully packing and storing holiday decorations will reduce frustration, preserve fragile decorations and make accessing them next year so much easier!   

Holiday Clean Up

Brenda shares ideas to help everyone get more organized when putting decorations away and getting them out the next year.  And how to get the children involved to help reduce your stress and create in them a sense of responsibility.