Personal Organizational Consulting


What we can do!

Brenda Prinzavalli teaches people how to organize their life to get more done, with less stress and less effort through systems and solutions individualized for their life.  

Your personal organizational skills impact every area of your life.  Your career, family life and personal commitments can all make life extremely demanding and hectic. No matter what your particular lifestyle or phase in life are, you would like to find ways to make life a little less hectic, a little more productive, and a lot more fun! 

Let us help you with permanent solutions:  

   Daily Action Assessments/Analysis/Solutions  

   Personal Goals Planning/Accountability/Results  

   Personal Organization Skills  

   Household Alignment for Streamlined Days  

Create the life you want and deserve! 

What type of support do you need?

Home Office Environments


Whether your home office is a desk space in the kitchen or a separate room, it needs order and efficiency.  Critical info passes through or is held in this space so organization is key!

Effective use of Technology


Digital tools are in every part of our lives, but they can be just as disorganized as the paper and clutter.   It needs a strategy to keep it being helpful instead of harmful.

Money Management


Do you need to organize your finances to be proactive with expenses, savings, and your overall financial wellness?   We can do that with you!

Time Management


Time!  It ticks away at the same pace for everyone, yet it seems to move too quickly for the list of tasks and obligations.   We can find strategies to make your time stretch or at least not disappear so quickly each day!

Paper Management


Yes, we still have paper in our lives.   No matter how paperless or digital we attempt to make our lives, there will still always be some paper.   

A strategy to manage paper means less clutter, fewer stacks and less time to manage it!

Space Management


Clutter and Stuff!   Where did it all come from?   We can't just keep moving into bigger homes to store all of our accumulated clutter.   Time to effectively manage your space and your belongings. 

Goal Setting


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Life Balance for Wellness


We support ALL of your life aspects that encompass your tasks, work, family, friends, hobbies, wellness and leisure time.