Sizzlin' Summer Organizing

Keep your summer cool and stress free by staying organized.

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Remembering Those Special to You

How to more easily remember all the special dates of people and events that have meaning in your life.  

Planning for the Summer

What tasks can you do now to make a more productive and fun summer for the kids AND you! 

Mid-year Organization Tasks

The year is half over and now is the perfect time to review your financial goals, calendar events to come and home maintenance items that may need to be done or create a schedule to complete them throughout the remainder of the year.   

Master of the Grill

To make things easier and more efficient, here are some organizing tips the grill master can use in the grilling area and the grilling process. 

Get Organized with Summer Movie Inspiration

Brenda discusses how to find ideas for organizing in the most unlikely of places, the summer movies. 

Staying Organized in the Summer

Simple tips to get everyone in the family organized to make for a more productive and enjoyable summer.   

Tips for Beating the Heat

Brenda shares tips for managing in the heat, both for your home and you and your family.   

Organizing Tips for Your Summer Road Trip

Watch as Brenda shares tips and ideas to make your summer road trip easier and more fun with minimal stress.