Family Life Organized

Keeping you and your children on the path to better organization.

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Teach children Organization skills

Watch while Brenda explains how to teach your kids how being organized will help them thru ought there lives.  From everyday preparations to setting goals for now and the future.  Tips that will give them more balance in all aspects of their lives and help them achieve more of what they want out of life.   

Prep for Back to School

 Although school doesn't start for more than a month, there are items you want to start to prepare for now.  See a checklist of items on a checklist to make the transition smooth and less stressful, both for you and your kids.  

Simplify Your Meal Planning

Here are some ideas to simplify meal preparations whether it is to divide tasks, make a large quantity to have for several meals or to buy meal kits online that have everything you need for a meal in one box.  

Remembering Those special to you

 How to more easily remember all the special dates of people and events that have meaning in your life.  

Organizing junk in the trunk

Brenda shares simple ideas to improve the functionality of your trunk.  And help the kids be organized and reduce the frustration when trying to find school items at the last minute