Daily Life Organizing

Managing the multitude of daily life duties!

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Create JOY with Kitchen Organizing

Brenda shares issues to keep in mind when planning to organize your space, tips when you shop for items to facilitate a well organized space and ideas to find FREE organizing helpers we normally would recycle.   

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Watch Brenda as she tells you how you can use elements from spring time, wind, rain and blooms to inspire you with spring cleaning.

Organizing your Car for Emergencies

Prepare your car for any emergency, whether the emergency from an accident, natural disaster or terrorism.   

Time for a Tuneup

Brenda shares thoughts on how you can be organized and maintain your car like the pros.  Watch for the flags that indicate a potential problem, regular maintenance and keeping your car clean, inside and out. 

Fall = Pruning & Purging

Ideas to make the transition from Summer to Fall a smoother process.  

Organize Your Home in March

Watch Brenda as she discusses areas in your life to organize in March.  What items to address on your calendar, what actions to take and the importance of not forgetting to schedule some time for yourself.  

Pack like a Pro

Ideas to make packing a snap.  Ways to be more efficient when your packing to save space allowing you to take less but have more options when you get to your destination.  

What If Your Experience a power failure?

Are you prepared should one or more of your utility services is interrupted? Watch for tips to help you be prepared the next time you experience a failure with your electric, gas or water service.